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tv   [untitled]    May 13, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there are the political will. exists. ok in the lower show we'll get the real headlines with none of the mercy we're going to live out of washington d.c. now it's an eye our attention goes to libya where many are wondering what will happen once the war there reaches the sixty day mark will nato forces call on the u.s. to continue the war effort there and if so what have you what is the u.s. going to do without congress's blessing then breaking down unemployment figures shed light on a shocking new statistic nearly half of all african-americans are out of work so
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with that in mind is there any way to fix this growing racial divide that still take a closer look at one area surveillance of its becoming more and more popular schools using federal dollars investing in ways to track your children so is this move just the latest example of a growing security complex fueled by money or our schools really trying to keep your kids say and then ron paul says i'm in once again but although he's running on the republican ticket i think it's fair to say he's definitely not your typical g.o.p. member but with a tumultuous political climate that our country is facing right now is paul going to be america's new hope for change we'll get to the bottom all all that alan make a toast in tonight's happy hour segment but first let's move on to our top story. today the secretary general of the military alliance nato met with president obama here in washington to discuss the ever changing mission of this western alliance so as the two leaders talk about nato is agenda and with all eyes still on our fragmented intervention in libya so we're asking what the conflict means for the
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future of the military alliance our chief warren lister has more. several decades and wars leader still the question it's top of mind when it comes to the world's largest military. lions any capel i think today wonder after the end of the cold war why nato lo and behold reality is that nato is busier than ever. set up to counter perceived threats from the soviet union the north atlantic treaty organization has plowed ahead without an enemy after the end of the cold war. some facts that the alliance cost it's we can to exist instead what happened in fact and in violation of even the accords in the agreements at that time was nato aggressively expanded. and a larger alliance that once promised peace is instead pledged bombs in troops to afghanistan
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going on a decade. and in its latest endeavor barb's air strikes into libya this fight uniting our new strategic goals back in november libya has launched allies is the dischord some countries don't want to actually you know shoot ground targets. hit their targets which are not. amidst the in-fighting it's unclear what motives are really behind the planes flying in the name of nato over the african country is that the personal aspirations of a leader the french to do is it a friend or or is it a sarkozy party see you will try to do. in this capacity. their leader or do. france was among the first to push for intervention france wants to get in on what i call the imperial condominiums a really kind of africa is it the showcase in
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a new arms race military buyers love to have weapons that are tested in war if your weapon system does very well in the war you can count on sales going up in fact the only two planes now in contention for a ten billion dollar order of one hundred twenty six planes from india are the euro fighter typhoon and the french are felt the very ones french and british allies have been flying over. is it the opportunity to oust the khadafi regime it is u.s. policy that it often needs to go and prop up one more favorable to us foreign policy. interests to. check it was of course the screw. so-called humanitarian intervention that critics argue was never warranted but which now may be causing a humanitarian crisis we didn't stop
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a bloodbath but we are prolonging and perpetuating the suffering of civilians in libya suffering that is now washing up on the shores of nato allies by the boatload of refugees as nato as leader comes to u.s. shores the nato secretary general meets here with the keeper of the keys in washington president brought obama now though the united states has seemingly stepped back from libya the u.s. is the number one contributor to nato and therefore many would see the u.s. really as being nato now this comes at a time when the conflict in libya on the ground more and more people are calling a stalemate and it's the allied infighting as well as rising costs in every sense that same question people have been asking for decades comes to mind if you do that . lauren lyster r.t. washington d.c. . now president obama met with nato general secretary anders fogh rasmussen today a libyan rebel leader was also here in washington jabril met with u.s. national security advisor tom donilon asking for up to one hundred eighty million
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dollars in can off these frozen assets to fund the rebels campaign as well as lethal weapons and a recognition of the opposition body as the quote sole legitimate interlocutor of the libyan people something france italy gambia and qatar have already done but the pleas to the u.s. once again show this hierarchical structure of nato so if they don't agree how does that mean for the rebel forces and will the other nato countries be willing to foot the bill here discuss this with me is matthew bell a former u.s. army captain i think so much for joining us tonight my pleasure so. rebel leader apparently today was meeting with tom donilon but what do you think is going to happen first of all if the u.s. decides that it doesn't want to recognize you know the rebel forces there and that they don't want to have over one hundred eighty million dollars that gadhafi is frozen assets is the rest of nato going to say ok that's fine that's your decision wolf but the bill it depends it is the french maybe i mean france is part of we can
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tell from what was initially reported started bombing without the approval of nato they went ahead and the initial bombs dropped in in libya were actually french warplanes and we really had no idea that they were going to go do it and it caught everybody by surprise it was the italians and others i think it might make them a little bit more hesitant made want to you know see us take a leadership role in this meet. the nato the libyan conference really gauge just reported that we spent we spent seven hundred fifty million dollars already on this conflict. you've got to ask what are we doing here i mean it doesn't really seem to be in need of strategic interest you know the idea is supposed to be a block that was defending us against communism and then it's sort of a security and strategic alliance and don't get me wrong i don't like moammar gadhafi as much as the next guy but is this really a strategic interest and is this something that nato should. be doing because you know obviously there's a lot of infighting even within nato like you said france wanted to go ahead on its own right there are a lot of nato members there still aren't even on board with this mission who else said surely you heard leader you know all right wants nothing to do it i don't
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think they should i really don't think that is this is a nato strategic interest or the strategic interest the united states i mean the one question nobody wants to ask it off or is it to you know just what happens of kid off he survives i don't think he's going to want to let bygones be bygones this is a guy who has shown a willingness to use his state apparatus to sponsor terrorism he just lost a son i mean we we had a guy who wanted to play pro active partner at this point in this region he gave up his chemical weapons he gave up his nuclear weapons program he's not a great guy but he'd was becoming somewhat of a partner but now we're taking a bunch of people we really know nothing about and i think that shows the u.s. is hesitancy to back them even though it was the one hundred eighty million dollars of khadafi is money we really don't know who these people are there are reports that al qaeda has infiltrated some of the rebels that we're now you know funding and supporting this could come back to bite us and in a way that we just have yet to project well secretary defense robert gates reiterated that this week when he was asked a question he said you know aside from the leadership which i even find if i need
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to say that they know who the leadership is he says we don't know who the we're going to live but do you think that they really don't know or do they have an idea and that's something that they don't want to publicize because it's not pretty especially for the american people especially i think if they have american troops in iraq and afghanistan they've got a fighting and they've got an idea there we know that there are two camps the problem is that the former interior minister of libya defected and has essentially established his own camp there's also a rebel general who defected almost immediately who has been sort of the one taking credit for a lot of the military gains but they seem to be fighting amongst each other and kind of figure out who it is that we want to back each of them have an agenda they could end up posing becoming rival forces if they do overthrow gadhafi and so they were showing some smart presidents here by that point we've now been bombing for almost sixty days. this congress has not approved this action the president is not invoke the war powers act to do this he said we just said as commander in chief he has the right to do this is part of a nato operation but this is a i think
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a grievous affront to the american constitution to me the whole purpose of that cause the constitution which our founding fathers very genially put in there was that the american people should be able to dictate when we do and do not use force it's a tremendous check and balance on presidential power and i think president obama was wrong to do this without the approval of congress while this presidential power is over the power of the people to actually control those presidential powers are disappearing every day may twentieth right is when the sixty days are up and nothing's going to happen unless congress decides to actually question the obama administration and they at this point haven't shown any sign that they actually want to get out of libya so how's he going to sell this i mean it just i don't know he has to do what philosophy is there for why we should still be i don't think he asked we really don't think congress is going to go i don't think congress cares i think congress is the problem is that we have a bunch of people in congress who love to rally around the flag when we're bombing people and if we don't have ground troops on the ground it really is not going to hit back their constituents back home but what does this have to do with i mean the
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american flag why rally around the american flag when you're bombing libya because everybody hates former gadhafi and it's easy to do this is one thing where everybody can say we're supporting the troops and we're you know we're all behind them one hundred percent but is this the best application and use of our troops and is this actually have a broader strategic ramification of years down the road i think it does i think we're going to end up potentially with a fractured libyan state which could become a black film that they could once again find a state that they can watch like afghanistan was in the ninety's where they can sort of foster and grow and have some how could officer vives in some way i think you'll see him try to straight back in a revenge attack i mean lockerbie happened because we had you know interactions with libya we really because they blew up a nightclub in germany i mean this is a guy who shown a willingness to use his state apparatus to strike. i'm not sure if he's going to go and of course i'm sure that we're looking for the next reliable dictator has no chance he said let me ask you one last question here if you already decided that there's nothing in it for america other than that people just don't like you already said to them and we're standing up for the president eight hours or search
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egypt interest what is in nato strategic interest these days now that the soviet union doesn't exist anymore it's a great question i really don't think we have an answer for and i think the alliance is still looking for a big thing about this operation is if you've seen how much of it has been predicated on u.s. military support it shows just how far we are in terms of how the technological development of our military has come just in the last ten years we've gotten a lot of practice out of iraq and afghanistan there are allies even the brits have not and we're probably well beyond leave parent capabilities of nato this is a good offer to them for to step up and take some leadership and gain some experience but you do have the question what is the purpose of the alliance eve i mean we're not there to go blindly into money and lose lives on practice when there is no goal not you want to thank you very much my pleasure tonight thanks now still to come tonight race in america a look at how blacks and whites view bias and the rest of the report just might surprise you and then we'll talk about school safety to protect students some
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schools are trying to plyometrics systems fingerprint scans radio frequency identification systems to track students every move but are these new security measures turning our schools into prisons class can offer to write a book on the issue in just a few. let's not forget that we are in the fourth quarter. and. the world. we love and love that show you're going to see get ready because the freedom.
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ok john berman here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. a. new website with twenty four seven live streaming news times like to do about the ongoing financial heart unlimited high quality videos for download. and stories you never ending stream. so. you can listen. to more on our t.v. just say. hey guys welcome to shelling tell the obama
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show we've heard our guest stop to say on the topic now i want to hear audio just go on to you tube to video response or to twitter first part of the questions that we post on you tube every monday and on thursday to show your responses we like your voice be heard. here are a few figures for you to digest when thinking about race relations in america a new survey asked a random sample of two hundred nine white americans and she hundred eight black americans how much discrimination each her face based on a scale of one to ten how both groups believe the progress had been made in discrimination towards black americans with that group saying a bias decline or nine point seven in the one thousand nine hundred. he's just six point one in the two thousand white americans saw declining for nine point one to three point six where the big difference came in was how whites viewed right by
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according to the survey white americans saw a very sharp rise in perceived anti-white bias from the one nine hundred fifty six now shooting up from one point eight to four point seven or black americans only saw that rise slightly from one point four to one point eight so in short that makes white americans believe that anti white bias is a greater societal problem today but anti-black bias and you try telling that to the millions of black americans who are unemployed all the recession is that everyone hard the most shocking numbers by far they came from the labor department's unemployment report were from black african-american from african-americans the percentage of black males over twenty who are employed is only fifty six point nine percent you expand that to all halfrek americans across the board and the number is only fifty one point five percent so that means that nearly half of black americans are out of work join me to discuss this is the author of the blog now turn his revenge christopher chambers chris thanks so much for being here tonight i mean these are really some statistics you know here we see
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them come out month after month but specifically the statistics that came out in april are the worst they've seen since they started measuring this data back in the one nine hundred seventy s. fifty one point five percent of black americans actually have jobs that means almost fifty percent don't have i mean how do we even start explaining that well i mean it's almost the flip side of you know the white bias perception but it's a lot of the stuff for the fruits of all of just historical messes from the beginning of this republic to now a lot of it is it might be behavior related but you know the behavior related stuff is a reaction psychological reaction to this this history the past reality the current. ality of under employment of a black market economy the people have to be driven into of structural racism of stuff like crime illegitimate births stuff like that but again those are by
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products not the disease so when you mix all that up into a stew you get this situation and this doesn't even take into account the people who are educated the people who have gone out and got the american dream and that was decimated from two thousand and seven to two thousand and nine and the economic downturn we're talking about foreclosures stuff like that across the board family savings and wealth wiped out and even in white collar african-americans latinos all minorities getting knocked down and even lower and are now almost on parity with some of the poorer people that ironically they were maybe trying to lift themselves away from so that you know so that doesn't even take into account that probably other thing is here you can't just say that this is a short time because in essence what happens during a recession like this and this happens all the time with young people. young generation that gets out of college during a recession ends up being a bit of a lot generation because the longer they you are unemployed the harder it is for
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your to find work afterward as i say everyone recovers in two years around but if you did work for the last two years you're going to be the last on the list to get that job is there is there a way to even escape it or is this something that we're going to see continue to grow this cause i think it might continue to grow i think what we're seeing is almost a permanent surf class not just of african-americans but other people as well i mean even in a white collar level too you have people who have been out of work for a long time regardless of their race but are still having problems or trying to insert themselves into an economy that's still trying to remake itself of course at the top you know the people who are always at the top they're still there now what's funny is as you talk about you know white bias whatever that is you have you have the oil execs talking to the senate now saying that we're. being victimized you know that we're having bias against first fund managers or saying we're a group of press the minority i mean so everybody's talking i tell you you know you look at the figures you know over ninety percent of corporate executives and of
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politicians are white american rather than let's get to this i mean obviously this is a small sample group here and it's a speak for everybody but there's something to be you know to be sussed out that the fact that there are white americans perceive the anti white bias is on the rise i mean how do you have a necessarily explain that because now you are the populations are growing well yeah i mean it's a variety of things and it's no. source material were they were they were psychologists because this is there's an unreality you know and then reality reality is that black underemployment unemployment for whatever reason their own reality is this white bias thing it's about you know it's a psychological term it's not actually the tricks or studying this it's cognitive dissonance where you don't really you know what you see is reality starts to get twisted in and you react to it either violently or by saying that the world is white bias to me what's it like because there are people who are used to being in
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power used to being at least not the low man on the totem pole so when they see that you know mexicans are going to be a majority people or they see a black president except or etc i mean that triggers something that's not based in reality and you don't have to do it it doesn't have to be a racial thing either and you look at studies in germany in the one nine hundred thirty s. in rwanda in the one nine hundred ninety s. in ireland versus evil we're talking about one race of people punching on each other the majority always find their justification for doing things because they were somehow being victimized there was bias against them and it wasn't true at all but it's something that humans do to kind of justify things in their own well we're going to that's interesting as you know these researchers concluding. is that what americans see this as a zero sum game that's that it's not there perhaps you know there could be that less bias and i need going out towards african-american community and we might be coming closer to equality you know there necessarily has to be
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a winner and there has to be a loser yeah i mean and women see that minorities see that there are always talk to think will part of the american pie should just get bigger it's not that we got it you're going to get a smaller slice no you had the bigger slice you know and you lose a little bit i mean you know that's what that's your perception this is something that has been good perception has been american american perception it's american as. of somebody when somebody loses not it gets bigger for all of us and that's been a means of social control since the beginning of this republic to somebody has got to lose so i got to fight to keep them from getting it because they're going to come and impose on me a lot of the stuff you saw in arizona last year was based on that well these people are going to do to us what we've been doing to them let's not necessarily so i don't remember that's not necessarily so that's not so that's that i guess when you see you know the power of propaganda you know how far from reality
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exactly can be chris and i thank you very much for joining us tonight. now it comes to security measures used in schools across the u.s. metal detectors and video surveillance they've become pretty outdated these days you'll find biometric systems like iris recognition and fingerprint scans computer programs that check school visitor identities against sex offender lists and radio frequency identification that tracks students to make sure that they're not used in class it's a growing market for the nation's twenty billion dollars security industry paid for by federal dollars now add to that zero tolerance policies that show suspension rates across the country skyrocketing you have to wonder if any of those are really making your kids and their schools safer or is they just creating a prison type environment with no oversight or lines the pockets of so-called security experts and some of the largest companies here in the u.s. joining me to discuss this is in that point this california based journalist and author of walk down high when the schoolhouse a becomes
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a jail house and i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight now first of all i think that there's something that really needs to be noted here which is that this isn't something that started this is really something that happened or started in the one nine hundred eighty s. this was you know this was pretty columbine and yet it just kept going on but do you think that we're seeing these purchasing technologies and you know them out of schools going for them rise every single year since then. well i think it's an important point i wonder what you're saying is that there is a history to this that began even before the reagan administration in the eighty's which launched the. schools in the war on drugs worked its way into the schools to become the war on drugs in schools and student drug testing. billions of dollars six billion dollars that's been invested by the government through the schools programs to department of education and the department of justice that's funded school drug testing the technology that you referred to in your introduction
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so that began really in the eighty's well glad you came. maybe slowing things down at the federal level and much of the policy that gets me in local school districts is done by school boards and i think it's important to remember that schools are as in the research that i did which was over two years of working on this book everyone kept telling me time and again all the research shows are and remain one of the safest places for children to be much of the violence that takes place and that happens to kids happens in their own homes and happens in their neighborhoods schools are actually a safe haven for kids but there is a hysteria and it did predate columbine there were school shootings in the early ninety's that generated a real fear of kids a real fear of school violence and then with one nine hundred ninety nine happened april twentieth in the columbine incident occurred it really it was like a powder keg exploded in people's worst fears about kids about school violence came
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became a reality that gave the excuse and sort of the political excuse really to to create a security industry response what we've done with kids what we've done in schools is apply a criminal justice model to school safety and discipline instead of alternatives models of how to teach kids to behave how to address bullying how to address the kinds of incidents that can escalate in lead to violence but even given any dance that does occur in schools and my book doesn't say that schools are perfect what it says is that the hysteria around school grounds is way blown up out of proportion also now we have a lot of calls that employ the exact same technologies as prisons like you say who want to come with a disciplinary measures it sounds a lot like our prison system killer given up on rehabilitation and on teaching
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people it's easier to just to discipline and punish them just curious thing you know it's called actually go out they buy these technologies they have advisers who are the security at birth they tell them what is their campus needs. right it's a great question where i discovered is that there is really this small cotchery of consultants some of them have been school resource officers themselves or their self-styled experts on school violence and they've made a lucrative business and it's license school districts on the kinds of technologies to buy or even the kinds of policing techniques to use but there are school districts that had their own school police officers i went to the palm beach school district in florida and they have one of the largest school police officer programs in the country in fact their school police department is larger than the police departments of a lot of small towns and cities i was so it's a huge department with
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a huge budget and they employ incredible biometric technology they have surveillance cameras that you know would rival a private corporation it's quite an amazing operation they have but you know is this necessary to keep kids safe i would say no and the research is what i go by the research shows that in schools where these kinds of security and surveillance and heavy policing tactics are used there's actually a higher level of disruption of chaos and a sense of insecurity that the kids have and that's because if you create these conditions it's almost a self-fulfilling prophecy in schools where the principals had high expectations of kids achievement and who treated them in more compassionate and respectful ways appropriate for their age and we are talking about kids who are supposed to make mistakes those schools where the principals to not use the heavy handed zero
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tolerance and the security mechanisms those were better organized schools where there were fewer disciplinary problems so we're really creating the conditions of our own thought here in. i want to thank you very much for joining us tonight and of course while that may give some parents i don't know perhaps some peace of mind although you know that they think that their students are being safer at the end of the day we know that there are a lot of big companies out there security firms in particular that are making bank off of this thanks so much for joining us. now still to come tonight can't tell if you're going to assuage the tropical resort destination there's a u.s. senator to believe that's the case and he's tonight's told time winner and then he's running for president again ron paul officially jumped into the race today but can this republican congressman further transform himself from fringe candidates to a viable republican option going back to the.


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